Kegan Ball
Founder, Tent Maker Studios

We get our beginnings back in 1992 when our Founder, Kegan Ball first felt compelled to help others who were struggling to use computers. Over the years that desire to help others use technology turned into helping people to create content on the internet and he launched his first web design company in 1998.

Kegan spent time in the corporate world working on teams building large enterprise sites. He has now returned to his roots forming Tent Maker Studios as a way to be more directly connected to clients and to be able to help companies shape their online presence and activities in a more comprehensive way.

Tent Maker Studios is a full-service digital design and marketing agency located in the Raleigh, NC area. We offer easy to get started packages, custom design, and internet marketing services with the aim of getting results.

The concept of tent making comes from the Apostle Paul working as a tentmaker to fund his mission. It is our belief that business can serve a higher purpose than merely generating profits. Those profits can be directly tied to a business that servers clients with a mission and purpose or the profits can provide the means to enable missional activities that would traditionally require some form of fundraising and ongoing support.

It is with that mindset that Tent Maker Studios operates. We build websites for organizations who have missional business models. It’s more than just providing a needed product or service. It’s providing a product or service in a way that is more about mission than profits.

We also help to provide funds for several missional activities including providing small business loans to help people get started with their dream and we fund training for people looking to go into tech as a profession.