Get your customized website to promote VA Disability Compensation as an affiliate

My name is Kegan Ball and I operate Tent Maker Studios. Carlos and I have worked out a special deal that will allow you to get the same website that Carlos is using successfully to sign people up for VA Disability Compensation as an affiliate. It will be customized with all your information.

Your customized website will have everything you need to promote VA Disability Compensation as an affiliate.


Everything’s Included:

  • Personalized VA Disability Compensation main sales page
  • Ad Manager: Allows you to have ads on your website
  • Blog/Article Manager: Allows you to post regular content to attract search engine traffic
  • No contract and you can cancel after the period that you paid for
  • Personalized Email addresses
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Updates
  • Website Backups
  • Website Security
  • Private Admin area so you can control your website
  • Training on how to use the website
  • Phone and Email support
Here’s an example of the website:

I also offer an eCommerce version of the website that will allow you to have a complete online store and shopping cart. You will be able to sell other products and services from your website. 

Typically a website like this should be around the $1500 mark. I’m breaking up that fee so that you pay for the website monthly instead of paying it all upfront. Plus you get all my normal monthly services included. 

I will also be giving you training on how to use the admin area so you can make changes and add things to the website as needed. 

The main thing that you are getting is a well-built website that I take care of in the background so that you can make money doing what you do. You don’t have to worry about your website working so you can make money. 

So how much will this cost? 

I usually charge $35/mo for the Website and $120/mo for the Website + Shopping Cart

But for those who use Carlos’s coupon code, I am giving you a 20% discount off the Basic Website and 50% off Basic Website + Shopping Cart


So here’s the pricing with the coupon code:

Basic Website: $35 with a 20% discount = $28/mo

Basic Website + Shopping Cart: $120 with a 50% discount = $60/mo

To get started, simply click the buy button for the package you want and use the coupon code for that package to get your discount.

Basic Website

A complete website to promote VA Disability Compensation


Basic Website + Shopping Cart

A complete website to promote VA Disability Compensation + a complete shopping cart that will allow you to sell other products or services


* The price listed here is the regular price. Enter Coupon Code in the shopping cart (after clicking one of the above buttons) to get the discount.